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Adelle Jones

"Your company came and took down our Cottonwood tree doing a superb job"

Brad Walters

"Twin Pines Tree Care Experts were prompt, efficient and clean. Before I knew it the trees I wanted down along our fence line was
accomplished. Now our neighbors are excited to utilize your services as well. Thank you for a great job"

Pat Rogers

"Thanks for saving me a bunch of money by chopping down my trees and leaving me fully stocked with AWESOME firewood"

Herb and Marie Kent

"Now that we are in our twilight years it was great to have Twin Pines Tree Care Experts remove the snow from our driveway. Thanks for
letting us be warm inside our home and avoid snowball fights with our neighbor kids"

Phillip Matthews

"Great job guys!!!"

Judy Peake

"Have utilized all of Twin Pines Tree Care Experts services with the exception of the Emergency and Storm Damage. Our yard looks
phenomenal and we are the envy of the whole town. Looking forward to keep working with you for another eight years and let's hope that
we DON'T call you for any emergencies."

Steve O'Boyle

"Always a pleasure to work with you"

Millie Huffman

"When the summer storms of 2012 hit in Glen Ellyn, IL (where we reside), We called your company in the middle of the night and with no
electricity because we got severe damage on our property. In less than 45 minutes, your estimator arrived to our home, assessed the
damage, called your emergency crews and immediately after they arrived they started working to secure the broken branches to prevent
any further damage and they returned during normal working hours to remove the downed trees. There was no electricity and
Twin Pines
Tree Care Experts
brought their own generators to be able to get the job done. Our neighbors were not disturbed during the middle of the
night. THANKS FOR COMING TO OUR RESCUE in such a prompt way and with an unbeatable price!!!"
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