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About Us

Twin Pines Tree Care Experts is a family owned and operated business. We are a complete tree care company operating since 1994.

Roberto Garcia, Business Field Manager, has an extensive background in the tree care industry; including residential and commercial
services as well as vegetation management for a major utility company which operates in the Chicago metro area.

Our success can be attributed to the attention we give to our customer’s specific needs, combined with our high quality workmanship.

Our goal is to deliver outstanding service, in a safe and efficient manner to the care of our customer’s trees and property while protecting
the environment and nature.

Twin Pines Tree Care Experts currently employs professionals, so no job is too big or too small. We have a large assortment of professional
equipment, including a crane for tree trimming. We run background checks on all of our employees.

Twin Pines Tree Care Experts is fully licensed and bonded & insured.

Twin Pines Tree Care Experts is certified with the Illinois Department of Central Management
Services (C.M.S.)

Mission Statement

Our company is committed to ensuring that all of our customers are provided with the most outstanding tree care services.

We take pride and ownership in our forestry stewardship and craftsmanship skills to deliver to our customers the most advanced arborist
techniques; along with the latest forestry equipment, that are used in the tree care industry.

Each employee in our company will deliver the highest level of proficiency and safety due to the training they receive in order to comply with
the general safety mandates in the tree care profession.
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